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The recent hurricanes of proportions never seen before have left many in the Caribbean region without the means to attend to their basic needs like access to drinking water and energy. Therefore, Green Aruba organizes an auction of local made art during the conference of which the total amount will benefit CARILEC's program for disaster relief and electricity restoration.

We invite you to be part of this auction in order to help us make a difference. We hope that you will feel compelled as we did to do something for those in need of our help. After all, we must not forget that sustainability is primarily about people.

In short

In short, the auctioneer will describe the art piece and bidders call out their bids, indicating the amount that they are willing to pay for a particular artwork, or may have a proxy call out an absentee bid on their behalf. Each subsequent bid is required to be higher than the previous bid. The open ascending price auction will continue until the artwork is sold to the highest bidder or the allotted time has run out.

Rules and Regulations

The participation rules of the auction for disaster relief are as follow:

1. Team Green Aruba (GA) appoints an auctioneer.
2. The auctioneer assisted by the team of GA plays a pivotal role in maintaining the order during the auction.
3. All art pieces will be displayed in the Foyer before the auction starts.
4. The auctioneer has to present the cause and the beneficiary of the auction.
5. The auctioneer will present the rules and procedure of the auction before the start of the bidding.
6. Each art piece will be auctioned individually. Bidding on a group of art pieces is not possible.
7. The auctioneer will present each art piece (two or three sentences of description).
8. All bids are in US dollars.
9. After the starting bid has been announced, each subsequent bid is required to be higher than the previous bid.
10. Bidders may call out bids themselves.
11. Bidders call out their bids by holding up a numbered sign.
12. A bid during the art auction is binding. The bidder enters a provisional purchase agreement.
13. It is not possible to withdraw a bid.
14. If a person or organization sends a proxy to bid on their behalf, the proxy will need to show an authorization statement.
15. The bidding round will end once we have reached the highest bid or the allotted time has run out (5 minutes max.).
16. After the bidding round has finished, a GA team member will approach the winning bidder and accompany him or her to the registration desk to fill in a commitment form.
17. At the registration desk the winning bidder will be informed of payment / transfer procedures.
18. The payment will be made on Green Aruba bank account.
19. Once the payment has been made or the transfer is complete, the artwork will be shipped or delivered to its owner.
20. Fast Delivery Services will take care of packaging and delivery of the winning bidder.

Payment methods

21. Participants have the possibility to pay by card, cheque and wire-transfer

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