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Green Aruba 2017

Sustainability in Motion

The 8th Green Aruba conference (GAVIII), held on November the 16th and 17th 2017, focused on what it takes to move from talking about sustainability to actually doing things in a more sustainable manner. In the context of creating sustainable partnerships, the conference was hosted in collaboration with Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation. CARILEC, founded in 1989, is the leading association of electric utilities and industry partners in the Caribbean with currently 106 members. Discussed subjects during GAVIII were among other things stakeholder alignment, the financial potential of block chain technology for utility companies and nature valuation.

During the conference Green Aruba organized an auction of local made art to help the surrounding Caribbean islands in need after they got struck by hurricane Irma, Maria and Jose. Green Aruba raised the total amount $35.000 for CARILEC's program for disaster relief and electricity restoration. The local artists who donated for this cause were: Reineliene Maduro, Cado de Lannoy, Marian Abath, Stan Kuiperi, Hendrik Schouten, Ash Ashlip, Lislaine Bermudez, Frank Kelly and Elisa Lejeuz.

Since 2010, Green Aruba has served as an exceptional platform to deliver premium informational experience on how to reach full sustainability, through best practices and innovations. Most importantly, this conference has made it possible for other countries, institutions and experts from all over the world to share valuable information, knowledge, experiences and best practices.


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