Week of Sustainable Initiatives in Aruba




Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development of SIDS

High-level Training Programme on Building Sustainable Development Roadmaps
for Small Island Developing States

[14 – 16 November]

The world's Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face similar challenges in addressing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. For many small islands these development challenges persist – be it social, economic, environmental or institutional. It is therefore critical that the SIDS share their experiences, good practices and lessons learned in Sustainable Development for the benefit of all.

To facilitate this exchange, the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development of SIDS on Aruba is hosting a training on "Building Sustainable Development Roadmaps for SIDS". It will focus on four thematic areas: Sustainable Energy, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Sustainable Tourism and Social Adoption. It will take place from 14 – 16 November 2016, in Oranjestad, Aruba.

The training aims to increase the capacity in building sustainable development roadmaps among policy makers of SIDS. In partnership with UNDP, University of Aruba and Caribbean Branch Office for the Organization of Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the Government of Aruba will share its own insights, know-how and lessons learned in sustainable development.

The Centre of Excellence aims to provide actionable and scalable knowledge from and for all the SIDS. This knowledge on sustainable practices will be available on their online platform to support South-South Cooperation.

In collaboration with
Clinton Foundation

WIRE Network

The Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE) Network, launched in February 2016 by the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and Chelsea Clinton, is a network and support system for island women in the energy sector. The WIRE Network provides island women in energy with a mentoring network as well as leadership and skills training opportunities. CCI works closely with island governments, utilities, and civil society in the energy sector - a niche where women leaders are underrepresented. Only 20-25% of the energy industry workforce are women, and only 16% of board members at the world's 200 largest electric utilities are women.

The WIRE Network Session is an opportunity to recognize successful foreign and local leaders in the island energy sector. The plenary session features women leaders sharing their paths of perseverance, the technical skills required to achieve their goals, and insider advice for aspirational women. By shedding light on the current status of women in the energy sector globally, the session plans to address the potential for the advancement of women's equal participation. The WIRE Mentor Network Session is a private session for successful WIRE Mentor applicants designed to empower 20 women in advancing their careers and learning from their peers in energy to rise to new levels of leadership within their organizations.

In collaboration with

Student Workshop

Green Aruba recognizes the importance of engaging with future leaders that can preserve all sustainable efforts implemented so far and continue with this vision for years to come. That is why the interactive "Student Workshop" is also a key element of the "Week of Sustainable Initiatives in Aruba" and Green Aruba Conference 2016.

This year, Wolf Company, Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam together with Yabi Consultancy will host a session dedicated to "The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity" (T.E.E.B), where they will elaborate on the significance of our environment based on an actual research that has been realized on Aruba over the past months.

WEB Aruba N.V. and N.V. Elmar will also be a part of the "Student Workshop" with an interactive presentation, "Aruba Energy Mix", explaining the origin of Aruba's sustainable vision but also the various projects and processes that have led us on our sustainable journey as we know it today.

In collaboration with
Wolfs Company
WEB Aruba N.V.
NV Elmar

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