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Our road to 2020 - Aruba

Green Aruba IV - Thank You!

Green Aruba would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the Green Aruba IV Conference. Stay tuned for Green Aruba 5 in 2014.


Green Aruba IV - Our road to 2020 - Aruba

Green Aruba 4

By 2020 Aruba will be the leading example for the application of renewable energy in a small island economy.

The island of Aruba is committed to increase its sustainability and reducing its carbon foot print by using the abundant of sun and wind for which the island is already famous.

This year Aruba is proud to be Co-Hosting the 2013 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF 2013), the region's largest gathering of regional and international energy stakeholders. CREF 2013 will take place on October 10th-11th. For more information on CREF please visit

On October 9th, the day preceding CREF, we are excited to announce the hosting of Green Aruba IV. Where CREF's perspective is regional, Green Aruba is firmly focused on developments in Aruba's energy sector and on opportunities for international investment moving forward.

Featuring a full day of sessions, and with the confirmed participation of senior Aruba government and utility officials and executives, we invite you to join us at Green Aruba and:


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CREF 2013

CREF 2013 to feature standalone "Green Aruba" event designed to showcase opportunities for investment in Aruba as country sets sights on 100% renewables by 2020.

5th March 2013

Prime Minister Mike Eman announced today that Aruba will co-host the 2013 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF 2013).

Now in its fifth year, CREF has grown rapidly to become by far the largest annual gathering of senior stakeholders – amongst them many regional prime ministers and ministers – targeting vital energy diversification efforts in the Caribbean. CREF 2012, which took place in Puerto Rico, gathered over 400 delegates from 40 countries.

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October 9th 2013

Westin Resort & Casino Aruba

As a country, we are ready for the transition from traditional to 21st century energy economy


Dr Ockels and his crew arrived!

Dr Ockels and his crew arrived!

On January the 20th 2013 the famous 'Ecolution' boat of Wubbo Ockels arrived in the harbor of Aruba. We were hired by Green Aruba to take the aerial shots. What a show! Check out this screencapture with the Ecolution!


Government of Aruba and Carbon War Room bid to flip Caribbean Island off Fossil Fuels

Government of Aruba and Carbon War Room bid to flip Caribbean Island off Fossil Fuels

The Government of Aruba and the Carbon War Room (CWR), the global entrepreneur initiative founded by Sir Richard Branson and a group of entrepreneurs, announced a partnership to transition the island to 100% renewable energy today during the UN's Rio+20 talks. The partnership would make Aruba the world's first sustainable energy economy, with the Carbon War Room and New America Foundation working to both devise and implement an integrated strategy for the economy-wide transition - a world first, if successful.

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Aruba & Carbon War Room Bid to Flip Caribbean Island Off Fossil Fuels

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